Saturday, September 6, 2008

getting ready

I am getting ready for this week's big game. Last night I watched all the football reports on all the news channels. Tonight I plan to watch Remember the Titans and tomorrow, RUDY.

I even got into the news so much that when they announced the score of the East Sparta game I jumped up, run around the house and yelled. WAY TO GO CHIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-0.

Great job boys. A shout out to my friend and quarterback, Jace Heneveld. Your patience is paying off. You knew when you started on Varsity as a freshmen it would be work and now as a senior you are 2-0. I am so proud of you and the team. Also a big congratulations to all the "Henny's" Dan, Lisa, Haleigh, Whit, and Hannah. Way to support the CHIX with your brown and gold clothing, posters and car decorations. Love you guys, miss you!

Well I am off to draw up some plays. Practice is Sunday.

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Karen R said...

This isn't a comment about football, as I know zip about the sport. I just wanted to thank you Terp for inviting me to your blog. Obviously you talked to Amy yesterday. I'm glad she remembered. I like reading what you have to say. I love it that you speak from the heart and it shows that you feel things deeply. Keep blogging and I'll keep reading.
-Karen (Amy's sis and especially proud Aunt of three of the cutest kids ever)...Aunts sure are prejudice, aren't they?!