Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The "ME" Factor

Lately I have been stuck in the ME factor. I hate it when I get this way. All I can think about lately is why didn't I get the job? Why did I have to have another surgery? Why didn't I get to go on the Chicago trip? Why am I stuck in the basement going through the healing process?

I know that there are times that we all face the ME factor attitude. I just wish I didn't react so poorly to it. I apologize to any of those who have been around me this past week. I pray my attitude and conversations didn't put a wall up around our relationship.

I am a reading a good book by John Ortberg. I LOVE John Ortberg, this is the third book this summer I have read by him. Anyway, today I read about Michelangelo's famous painting "The Creation of Adam". We all have seen pictures of it. God reaching with every muscle he has towards his beloved Adam. His arm is stretched out, his finger reaching to touch His creation. Adam resting back, with his arm just dangling out there. And the SPACE between them.

What is that space? That space I believe is the ME factor. It is our free will to choose to reach out to our creator and touch Him. To feel His love and mercy fill our lives. I admit, lately I have been Adam. Totally relaxing waiting for God to do something. Waiting for Him to give me the job I want or the life I want. But not really reaching out with all I have. I want so much to be reaching for Christ with every muscle in my body. I want to long for His touch every second of the day. I want to feel His arms of love wrap around my body and I want to hear His voice say, "I love you".

The free will that God gave us, is the one thing that I hate. I hate the space that is between us. I want to touch Him with everything I am. I want to be near my Father.


barb said...

praying for you....remember..He NEVER lets go:) walls between you and me sister:)

God Bless you...with His smile:)

Amy S said...

Thanks for the great word-picture and for your honesty! Love you friend!