Thursday, September 10, 2009

21 days...

I can't believe I am leavin gin 21 days...

This week we packed up extra suitcases of clothes, medical supplies and school supplies to take to Beautiful Gate. Our plan was for each team member to take 2 suit cases, one for their personal things and the second would be supplies and gifts. WELL, God should up through Haven (once again), instead of having 8 suitcases, we have 10 or 11. We are not sure exactly how we are going to get these to the children, but we will find away.

Things are starting to set in as far as travel. It is going to be a long flight!!! At least the biggest portion is in the night so sleeping might be easier. I never have had an issue with flying, but 18 hours is a long time!!!! I might take the advice of my friend Kim, Xanax and a good drink, then repeat half way through.

We did find that blogspot works in Lesotho. So for updates while we are gone, go to It isn't much know, but in the next few days we will introduce the team to you.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It is my hope that God is very clear while we are there. The need is huge and seems impossible at times, but the Christian faith is simple...LOVE.

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Amy S said...

It's so beautifully simple: It's all about love. Recieving and sharing Christ's love. I'm so excited for you!