Thursday, October 15, 2009

life after Africa...

I am back. It is hard to be back. I feel like I left a big part of me in Africa.

It is hard to explain my thoughts and feelings about the trip. There were a lot of great moments when I knew God was right there. There were also moments when it was painful to see what I saw, but I am glad I experienced it.

I apologize to all those that see me in the next few days, weeks, months. I am not ready to or able to put into words what happened. I have a hard time describing my time in Lesotho. Plus I have MAJOR jet lag. My body doesn't know when to sleep or eat. I am still on Africa time, so right now at 6:50pm, my body thinks it is 11:50pm and I should be in bed!!! Or like this morning at 1 am I was wide awake, since my body thought it was 7am.

I can't post the pictures of the kids online. Their faces are a direct reflection of God's masterpiece.

sala hantle
(Stay well)

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barb said...

"Inside out" ...sounds like the children you now keep in your heart;) They reflect THE ONE who loves them more than we can imagine! I'm praying for you..thanking God for opening your eyes to see as He sees, and asking His wisdom to be present as you digest what you experienced emotionally/physically and spiritually. In His Grip..barb