Sunday, December 20, 2009

happy birthday Jacob!!!

I can't believe my "little man" is 5 today. I was so excited when he was born and fell in love right away. He is a walking, talking miracle. The day after he was born, he had many seizures and was rushed to DeVos Children's Hospital. His little body went through so much at first. It was determined that he had a stroke which caused the seizures. That Christmas was filled with tubes and wires coming out of his body and alarms going off all the time. This year we are blessed with a completely healed 5 year old who loves guitars, drums, singing, hunting and watching movies in his auntie's bed.

Love you Jake! You are my favorite jam partner!!!!

I know it has been 2 months since I have updated this blog. I apologize to all of you who love to read about my boring life. :) Check back in a few days about how life after Africa has been and a new adventure in my life.


Madisyn said...
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Ryan, Kim, Madisyn, Austin, Hudson, Griffin said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when my updated blog list came up and you were at the top! LOL:) Jacob is blessed to have you for an aunt!