Saturday, July 5, 2008

the final statement

So tonight my best friend and I were talking about what would be written on my tombstone. (I know it's a weird topic, but when you are as close as we are you can talk about anything.) This is what I think it will say...

Christina Terpstra is not here,
she kept it simple.

You see, I am trying to keep life simple. I don't want any hidden agendas in the things I do. I don't want to debate my faith and try to "save" people, because I can't. I just want to be simple. Life isn't about hitting people over the head with the Bible or talking until you are blue in the face, it's about throwing a Frisbee with some kids or bringing extra soda to the park to share with someone. And if the opportunity comes up to talk about Jesus cool, if not, don't. Just show it.

Here is a bold statement the I believe is true, life isn't about church, it's about community. Just chew on that for awhile.

So thank you to those who have shown me community. For those who have been extra patient with me on this journey of life (even for 8 years) and taught me so much about community, humility and joy. Thank you for keeping it simple. Thank you also for being bold, no matter who or how many people disagreed about simple ministry.

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